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Checklist Name:
BlackBerry STIG
Version 2, Release 2
Review Status:
Governmental Authority: Defense Information Systems Agency
Target Product:
Target Product CPE Name Product Category
Blackberry cpe:/h:rim:blackberry (View CVEs)
  • Handheld Device
Research in Motion Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0.3 cpe:/a:rim:blackberry_enterprise_server:5.0.3 (View CVEs)
  • Wireless Email
Checklist Summary:
The BlackBerry Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) and associated documents (e.g., BlackBerry Overview, BlackBerry Configuration Tables, BlackBerry Handheld STIG, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server STIG), provide security policy and configuration requirements for the use of BlackBerry wireless e-mail in the Department of Defense (DoD). Guidance in these documents applies to all BlackBerry systems, including BlackBerry handheld devices and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). This STIG provides security requirements for 5.0.3 installations. DoD sites must migrate to BES 5.0.3 or later prior to June 2011 when Research In Motion (RIM) will discontinue support for BES 4.x.
Checklist Role:
  • Handheld Device
  • Wireless Email
Known Issues:
Not provided.
Target Audience:
Not provided.
Target Operational Environment:
  • Managed
  • Specialized Security-Limited Functionality (SSLF)
Testing Information:
Not provided.
Regulatory Compliance:
Not provided.
Not provided.
Product Support:
Point of Contact:
Not provided.
Not provided.
Not provided.
Change History:
Version 2, Release 2 - 10/26/2012
Version 2, Release 1 - 02/20/2012
Version 1, Release 7 - 10/28/2011
Version 1, Release 6 - 07/29/2011
Version 1, Release 5 - 06/29/2011
Version 1, Release 4 - 04/29/2011
Version 1, Release 3 - 01/28/2011
Version 1, Release 2 - 10/29/2010
Version 1, Release 1 - 05/24/2010
Added Point of Contact - 06 January 2015
NIST checklist record last modified on 05/24/2016